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A Beqa Vacation Transports You To Paradise

Located in the Fiji Islands, Beqa is one of the most beautiful and tranquil resort destinations that you could choose for an island vacation. With stunning vistas, pristine waters, and plenty to see, do, and experience, there really is something for everyone on this island paradise.


Everything You Could Imagine

The island itself has several different all-inclusive resorts on it, each one providing you an abundance of activities. When you visit Beqa, some of the activities you can take part in include:

  • Watching native residents perform ritual fire walking ceremonies
  • Some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling on the planet, hands down
  • Romantic walks on white sand beaches
  • Kayaking
  • Guided walks and tours of the island
  • Musical entertainment
  • Cultural entertainment
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Surfing
  • Waterfall hikes
  • And more

All in all, it’s an experience unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere, and offers you everything that you could imagine from an inclusive Fiji resort.

Beqa Island


Dining In Style

Of course, a big part of your experience will be the dining. There are multiple restaurants at each resort, offering a wide range of international cuisine as well as locally-inspired dishes to let you experience a dining sensation that is one of a kind.

Bars pour plenty of cocktails, wine, beer, and spirits, letting you relax and unwind in one of the most beautiful, tranquil settings on earth. Whether you’re looking for an island adventure or a romantic getaway, you’ll find it here.

Getting Here

To access Beqa, you’ll fly into the small island airport and then be transferred by shuttle to your resort. It’s a roughly 11-hour flight when leaving Los Angeles for the island, though travel time could change based on layovers and other similar factors. Still, once you arrive, you’ll be in an island paradise unlike any other.

Weather is always a factor when planning your visit as well, and the summer rainy season runs from November through April, with temps reaching 95 degrees on most days. Showers during this time usually happen during the late afternoon, leaving you the day to enjoy the sun. Weather is often difficult to pin down, but peak travel season is between July and September.


Experiencing The Splendor Of Mamanuca


The Mamanuca Islands are a chain of islands in Fiji. The entire chain is made up of roughly 20 islands in total, but 7 of those are actually under the ocean when high tide rolls in. Of all the various destinations in Fiji, this is one of the most well-established and one that offers a tremendous amount of activities as well as stunning views anywhere you may turn.

A Bounty of Activities

The beauty of the Mamanuca Islands is that you can select from different all-inclusive resorts based on what it is that you’re hoping to do. Whether you’re a young fun loving adult hoping for plenty of night life, a couple planning a romantic getaway, or a family hoping to enjoy an island paradise together, it’s possible here.

Once you arrive, you have plenty to experience including:

  • Surfing
  • World-class scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Dolphin watching
  • Windsurfing
  • Parasailing
  • Mini golf
  • Tours and visits with local villages
  • Stunning hikes
  • Swimming with reef sharks
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • And more

In short, no matter what kind of experience you want to have, Mamanuca offers it and more to you. It’s the very definition of what you would expect an island getaway to be.



Feast Like Royalty

You’ll never worry about going hungry, either. Each of the many resorts at Mamanuca offers a wide range of dining options. From international foods on a buffet to cooked-to-order dishes with a local flair, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

And while you’re enjoying your food, you’ll be able to take in the breathtaking scenery and gorgeous vistas that Fiji is famous for. That pairing of beauty with deliciousness elevates every dining experience.

Combine the restaurant options with the numerous bars and nightlife options offered at the resorts, and you have a total package that you’ll love. Whether you want romantic cocktails for two under the moonlight on the beach or a dance club to party the night away, Mamanuca has it.

Access Considerations

But to enjoy it all, you have to get here. To do so, you’ll fly into the local airport and then be shuttled to your resort. Flight time is an average of 11 hours when flying from LAX, with shuttle times varying depending on which of the island resorts you’re staying at.

Also be aware that July through September are the peak seasons for the region, offering drier, sunnier weather. But even visiting during the rainy season of November to April is worth considering, and can offer lower rates and less crowds – plus rain in the afternoons on most days.

No matter when you come, you’ll fall in love with everything that Mamanuca has to offer.


Viti Levu Offers The Best Of A Fiji Vacation


Located east of Australia in the Pacific Ocean, Viti Levu is the biggest island in Fiji and also the home of its capital city. It’s where the majority of the country’s economy is based, and while other, smaller islands are often visited by tourists, Viti Levu serves as an excellent vacation site and is often considered ‘The Gateway to the Fiji Islands’.

Everything You Could Imagine From Fiji

As the largest of the islands, Viti Levu offers several inclusive resorts, but also plenty of additional activities and accommodations. Here are some of the things to see and do here:

  • Scuba diving
  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • The Fiji Museum
  • Fiji Cultural Museum
  • Hikes
  • Dolphin watching
  • Nightlife at clubs and bars
  • And more

For many, Viti Levu is a kind of home base. They’ll choose to stay at their hotel or resort and then head out to the neighboring islands or to other parts of the island by boat, road, or plane. This lets you plan out the perfect vacation whether you’re on honeymoon, looking for adventure, or heading to the islands with your family.



Dining And Drinks

The island of Viti Levu is filled with so many opportunities for food and drinks that it’s impossible to list them here. From restaurants at your resort to small local food vendors near the beaches to upscale restaurants offering a wide range of dining options, you’ll be able to find the perfect meal no matter what you’re looking for. And the island is home to numerous nightclubs and bars, making it easy to get a cocktail or dance the night away.

Weather Considerations

Weather is always a factor in Fiji, with the cooler months still reaching 95 degrees frequently. Rainy season runs from November to April and peak tourist season is during the dryer part of the year from July to September. You can visit whenever you like, of course, and the weather is impossible to predict until it is nearly upon the island. But for the most part, even those here during the wet season will find plenty to enjoy.


Accessing Viti Levu

Since it is the largest island in Fiji and the site of the capital, Viti Levu is even easier to access than neighboring destinations. You’ll fly to the local airport and then be able to take a shuttle, bus, or taxi to your ultimate destination. Flight times from LAX average 11.5 hours, with layovers modifying that timetable to some degree.

If you’re looking for a perfect starting point for your Fiji adventure, look no further than Viti Levu.


Taveuni Vacations Create Lifetime Memories


As the third-largest island in Fiji, and located about 4 miles east of Vanua Levu, Taveuni is one of the most popular travel destinations for those looking for a Fiji vacation. The island is filled with beautiful scenery and surrounded by the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean, creating the perfect backdrop for a resort vacation.

Plenty To Do

Activities at the numerous inclusive resorts found on Taveuni are similar to those found throughout Fiji, though perhaps in more abundance. Some of the activities and experiences you can take part in include:

  • Bushwalks to stunning waterfalls
  • Sailing
  • Surfing
  • Incredible diving
  • Bird watching trips
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Parasailing
  • Excursions to Vatuwiri plantation
  • Horseback rides
  • Beach walks
  • And more

All in all, whatever you hope to get from an island visit, you’ll find it here. There is even a 200-year-old fortified village that you can tour, all while being surrounded by a tropical rainforest. It’s a perfect option for eco-lovers, couples on honeymoon, or anyone looking for an island adventure.



Wine And Dine

Each resort also offers numerous dining opportunities. Restaurants vary, and offer a huge range of different food choices. You can find local dishes, international buffest, light breakfasts, and more here, and enjoy your meals in one of the most beautiful settings on the planet.

And for those who like to imbibe, bars are almost as bountiful as restaurants. Enjoying cocktails on the sandy beaches or by the pool is simple. Those looking for nightlife will have plenty of bars to dance the night away, while couples on honeymoon can have a drink together under the stars.

When And How To Visit

Traditionally, peak season in Taveuni and the rest of Fiji occurs from July through September. However, the rainy season of November to April still offers opportunities to enjoy the islands, and with lower costs and less crowds. Rainfall occurs in certain parts of the island almost daily, and weather here is tricky to pin down.

If you’re planning a visit, expect about an 11-hour flight from LAX to the islands, and then shuttle services to take you to and from your desired resort. Once you arrive, an island paradise is yours to explore and enjoy. There’s really nowhere like Fiji anywhere else on earth.


Yasawa Offers A True Island Adventure


Located on the western side of Fiji in the Pacific Ocean, the Yasawa Islands are made up of 20 volcanic islands. It stands out from other Fiji destinations in that it’s more remote, more mountainous, and a more ‘adventure’ themed destination. Still, while you won’t’ find the shops or major urban centers here that you can find on some other Fiji Islands, you will find stunning natural beauty that lets you relax, recharge, and get back in touch with yourself in a big way.

What To Do

Tourism has grown on Yasawa, and today it is the home of several inclusive resorts that offer you a place to stay while you adventure. Additionally, you can also backpack or flashpack on the island, giving you a more ‘adventure’ type of experience if you desire. Activities here abound, but are primarily focused on the natural setting and stunning beauty. Some popular activities include things like:

  • Exploring limestone caves
  • Snorkeling with sharks and other marine life
  • Amazing scuba diving among manta rays and other life
  • Sea cruises
  • Fishing
  • Visits to local villages
  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Hikes through the beautiful terrain
  • And more

In short, Yasawa is a perfect destination when you want to do more than relax by a pool and be pampered – though that’s still possible as well. Whether you want a honeymoon to remember or a private adventure in a tropical paradise, it’s here.




There are no real privately operated restaurant options on the islands of Yasawa. Instead, your dining will depend largely upon the resort that you chose to stay at and the dining options they offer. However, this can include a wide range of food and drink choices, giving you plenty of options when you get hungry.

Accessing The Island

Visiting during November through April is the rainy season here, but is perfect for those looking to avoid heavier crowds. Rains in the afternoon are very common and temps can reach 95 degrees easily. Dry, peak season is July through September, and while the weather is more agreeable you can expect slightly higher rates and larger crowds. Either option offers you the chance to visit how you desire.

Accessing Yasawa starts by landing on the nearby airports at Viti Levu or Vanua Levu, then taking chartered boats or planes to the island itself. Flight times are roughly 11 hours from LAX, with layovers modifying the exact time to various degrees.

Once you’re here, you’ll find an island paradise filled with adventure waiting for you. It’s a trip you’ll never forget, and a side of Fiji that is often overlooked.