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We are an Internet based company and have been in business since March 1998. We have a California Seller of Travel #2091852-40 which is registered with the Attorney General at the Dept. of Justice.

In addition to this, we are registered with IATAN which regulates airlines and Travel agencies who have registered and been approved by them. Also, we are registered with CLIA, which governs all cruises. It is very important all of our clients feel very comfortable before booking with us.

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Why use Travel Agents?

Traditionally, travel agents help purchase tickets related to your travel. They can work independently or be associated with a larger travel agency. Experts within the tourism sector have always considered travel agents to be the backbone of the industry. Agents work hard in a complicated and highly competitive environment to provide the best service to their customers. Your agent may book all kinds of tickets, or specialize in honeymoon, health, sports, or other special packages. Agents also vary in their ability to reserve tickets. While some specialize in air or road travel, others can handle everything including your hotel stay and local travel. You should also remember that some agents handle only domestic booking. International agents specialize in certain regions or areas. If you go to a big agency, they may have travel agents who book to Australia, Brazil and India. However, independent agents restrict themselves to certain regions of the world. They may book tickets anywhere in the world, however, their best deals and packages will be limited to the area of expertise.

Travel agents have seen some turbulent times in the recent past. The widespread use of the internet has led to the creation of many travel websites which offer tickets to hundreds of destinations across the globe. You just enter your date of travel and destination. The website will list all the airlines in that route along with the price of the ticket. Travel suppliers and organizers are using the power of the internet to offer their packages, instead of contacting a travel agent. Many suppliers and wholesalers are creating their own websites. This has significantly impacted the business of travel agents and agencies. Recent data by the Travel Industry of America suggests that more than 75 percent of tourists and other travelers use the Internet for at least some portion of their travel bookings. While there were close to 32,000 accredited travel agencies in the U.S. in 1998, the number had fallen to 20,000 by 2008.

Although technology has played a big role in the way you book or plan your vacation, it has also made the world a smaller place. Travelling to an international destination such as China or India for business, or to Fiji or Tahiti for honeymoon has become as common as going to Las Vegas or Florida. Improved connectivity and communication have contributed to this change. The travel agents of the modern era have also adapted themselves to the demands of the new world. Travel agents today are professionals with college education and specialized training in travel management. They are now considered as consultants who have the expertise to handle your entire itinerary.

Why Do I Need a Travel Agent?

Whether you are planning to go on a business trip or for a honeymoon, always talk to a travel agent before booking your next international flight. Although travel websites provide tickets for various destinations across the globe, you should realize that international travel is more complicated. The number of direct flights is often limited. You may be required to take a connecting flight to a transit airport and then get a flight to your final destination. Some routes may require you to change more than one flight. The layover time between each flight may range from 2 hours to 24 hours. You will waste a lot of time working out all these combinations. The different time zones within each country may add to your confusion. Your travel agent can help find the best combination and also save both time and money for you. Your travel agent can also explain all the fees and charges related to your purchase. The language on a travel website is often confusing, especially with respect to cancellations and delays.

The travel websites do not list all the possible options. Hence, you may end up with an itinerary that is highly complicated and expensive. Agents have the list of all the airlines operating in the region, and can end up giving you a better deal. A travel agent can also lock you fare for 48 hours. This can give you some time to think over your travel plans. He or she can also request the airlines to serve you special meals, especially if you are a vegetarian or have other diet restrictions. They can address your questions or concerns about the travel, and share the experiences of other clients with you before you make the final reservation. Your travel agent can also make sure you are seated together while flying for your honeymoon. They can also request for additional seating preferences during your air travel.

The number one reason for using a travel agent is the experience they bring to the travel. They know how different airlines work. They know about the best hotels in the area. It is simply their area of expertise. Wouldn’t you rather talk to a live human being than to a machine which cannot reciprocate back?

How to Choose a Travel Agent?

If you are convinced about the need for a travel agent, your next step would be to choose the right one. If you are travelling to a specific destination to visit family or for business, you already have the required information. If you are going for a vacation, look at various options and think about the activities you love to do. Countries such as Thailand and India are great for health tourism, while Fiji and Tahiti offer some of the most exotic honeymoon locations in the world. Once you decide the destination, go online and find the list of travel agents who specialize in travel to that particular region. Choosing from a list of names online is no different from choosing one from the yellow pages. Read some web reviews from other customers before choosing a couple of agents. You may also go with an agent that your friend recommends.

Write a simple email or call the agent to give some basic information including the type of package you are looking for, the date of travel, as well as the number of people involved. Also ask them about their license and eligibility to practice. Remember that the travel agents no longer receive a commission from the airlines for booking your ticket. They will, therefore, charge a fee from you. Hotels, cruises, and local cab services may, however, offer some commission. So, ask your agent about his or her fees. You may also ask for some references if that makes you comfortable.

Choose your agent after you receive quotes for your travel plans. If you require travel within the destination city or country, check with your agent to see if he can arrange for it. You should also make sure you establish a clear channel of communication. Ask the agent if he or she prefers the phone or the email. You should be comfortable with that mode as well. You should also set up a budget for your trip and communicate the same to your agent. Your agent should provide you a travel or honeymoon package that fits your budget and yet, meets your expectations of an ideal holiday.

You should also ask your agent to send you pictures or website links of hotels and other amenities before you make the final choice. This will save you time, money, and additional surprises during your travel. Some travel agents may also negotiate on your behalf for a better package. Make sure your agent does that. Your agent should also be able to guide you about the documents required for your travel along with any health advisories prevalent in the area. Your agent should have the ability to manage your entire travel. Finally, choose an agent who values your business and seeks to maintain good relationship with the customers.

Do I Need a Certified Travel Agent?

As stated earlier, there are hundreds of travel agents in the market today. Unlike the past, modern travel agents do much more than booking airline tickets. They are often considered travel managers who are tech savvy, and capable of using their knowledge, experience, and local contacts to understand security issues, different airline fares and classes, cancellations, itinerary changes, and other purchase restrictions. They should also have the ability to book travel and hotel stay at the destination. The modern traveler does not have the time to entangle in such issues.

Although many agents work from home, they have a high-speed internet connection and all the required software to communicate effectively with their clients. Most states across the United States do not require any additional licensing to work as a travel agent. Others such as California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Rhode Island, Virginia and Florida require a Travel Sellers license. Most professional agents, especially those employed by larger travel agencies, undergo training at vocational colleges and acquire certification before starting work. The certification is usually obtained from an online training school or from the American Society of Travel Agents, the International Airline Transport Association or The Travel Institute. There are three levels of certification -- certified travel associate, certified travel counselor and certified travel industry executive. The reason you should look for a certified travel agent for your business travel or honeymoon package is that certified agents are committed to working the travel industry for a long time. They have worked hard to improve their knowledge and skills in travel management by completing approved travel-related courses. They have the credentials required to plan the best oversees trip for you. Some agents also obtain a Destination Specialist certification. So, when you see DS next to the names of independent travel agents, you know that they have the experience and the expertise to arrange travels within their area of training.

You can find a certified agent on the ASTA, or American Society of Travel Agents, website. Their membership indicates that the travel agent has met the highest professional standards in the industry. You may also look for ARTA, Association of Retail Travel Agents, membership. The organization offers membership only to agents who follow certain ethical standards and meet prescribed financial requirements.